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1.) Laser Scan

The result of your laser scan will be a Faro Point Cloud. Use Scene LT to fully visualize your point cloud and take measurements.

2.) Adapt

Take your scan data further. Noorda Tech will adapt your point cloud for your CAD application.

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3.) Process

Noorda Tech can handle all your post processing needs. From 2D floor plans, 3D drawings and rendering, 3D prints and much more.

1.) Laser Scan

Your Building Information Model starts here! Your laser scan will provide a point cloud that is your virtual 3D model. The point cloud contains all the information you need to fully visualize your laser scanned space and contains billions of measurements! Using your point cloud and Faro Scene LT, you can:

  • Inspect all aspects of your space in 3D
  • Take measurements of your space accurate to 1 mm
  • Take photographs from any angle
  • Create stunning presentations of your scanned space
  • Visualize other pre-rendered objects in your space.

2.) Adapt

Need more from your point cloud data? Take the next step and let Noorda Technologies help you transform your laser measurements into several formats:

  • Revit
  • Autocad
  • Solid Works
  • Sketch Up
  • .STL
  • Custom formatting

3.) Process

Advanced post processing services are available. Relying on 40 years experience using a variety of CAD solutions, Noorda has the team and skill you are looking for to address even the most challenging needs.

  • 2D Floor Plans and Architectural Drawings
  • Fully realized Autodesk RevitĀ® and AutocadĀ® 3D drawings and renderings
  • 3D printed models of your spaces and objects
  • Detailed fabrication models and data

Additional Services


Noorda Technologies will assist you to get the most value from your data through our computational data services and technical consulting. You can depend on our many years of experience to guide you through challenges both technical and scientific.

  • Computational Services
  • Hardware Consulting
  • Data Networks and Storage
  • Software Consulting


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